Scuba diving mask on female
A black scuba diving mask

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A scuba mask is a vital piece of equipment when you are diving. It is important that you ensure it not only fits properly but is equalized and defogged.

Scuba masks are often constructed from silicon and tempered glass so that they can withstand being under water.

Scuba masks are unique in their design and will not break, fog, or scratch easily.

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When you are looking for a scuba mask you should consider the following:

Basic Needs

The most basic thing you want in a scuba diving mask is the ability to see. You should be able to keep water out of your nose and allow your eyes to clearly focus on your surroundings.

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You also want the mask to allow you to breathe properly underwater while being able to distinguish hand signals and read your pressure gauge.

Dive mask

Nose Enclosure

You want the mask to enclose your nose.

This feature is especially important because it provides additional comfort by allowing you to empty any water from your mask and prevents the water from going up your nose.

You can also equalize the air pressure as you descend.  This is important because it prevents any painful suction against your face and prevents a nasty mask squeeze.

Scuba diving mask nose enclosure

A good mask should properly enclose your nose - Credit: Jon Milnes

Physical Features

The physical features associated with your scuba diving mask include many things which are up to the taste of the diver. You can select side windows, optical lenses, and purge valves if you want.

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You need your mask to fit properly before you begin diving. Not all masks will fit your face because the shape of your head and face is vastly different from everyone else. As such, you should ensure the mask fits properly to avoid leaking or uncomfortable pressure.

Scuba diving mask fits well on diver

A mask that fits properly prevents leaking or uncomfortable pressure - Credit: serg_dibrova

Fog Prevention

Your mask will inevitably fog up at some point but it is best to do whatever you can and take whatever measures you can to prevent this.

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While bearing in mind the features that you want, there are different types of scuba diving masks available.

  • You can invest in one window diving masks which have a single glass pane and an indentation for your nose. This allows you to pinch your nose if you need to pop you ears.
  • Two window masks have a pane for each eye but allow less air inside. Because of this feature it is easier to blow water out of your mask.
  • A full face mask is one which conceals your entire face. Generally, these are only used by professional divers.
  • You can also invest in wide view scuba diving masks. These are designed so as to better facilitate a wider view. They are perfect for viewing larger reefs and underwater life.

If you wear glasses or diving with contact lenses you can find any of the aforementioned features in a prescription lens mask which can be personalized to your vision needs. Lastly, you can invest in masks which have LCD displays, offering you a whole dive computer in your mask.

Do you have a favored mask? Tell us about your preferences when buying a scuba mask!