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Underwater Photo Guide

Want to capture the best underwater picture?
Let us give you great insight on becoming the best underwater photographer!

We’ll tell you what to do and what not to do! Give you new scoops and the best guides.
If you are looking for inspiration, ideas, or good advices this is the place to be!

Underwater photo: A beginner’s guide

Tired of bluish underwater pictures with lots of white spots? Here we'll guide you to much better pictures form your dives. Taking pictures while diving is quite different than taking them on the surface. Underwater there are a lot of factors that will effect on the...

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Photographing Manta Rays – Underwater Photo Guide

There are few underwater images as iconic as the graceful Manta Ray captured in full flight with a picture perfect blue background. Although there are many locations throughout the world that offer the opportunity to dive with Mantas, each present their own unique...

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The secret of Smoking Underwater!

Now that I have the attention of all the smoking divers, in this article you will learn the secret behind smoking while scuba diving. I know, everybody says: “what!” Okay I lied. You will learn how to make it look like you are smoking underwater. And how is this...

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Dive Photo Guide: Be Creative

Taking a photo is as simple as clicking a button on a camera with a target object in range. However, creating a beautiful photo is all about being creative, and extraordinary underwater photography is an art to be mastered. Many scuba divers aspire to achieve that...

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